Event "Engagement Across Borders" - Prevention Differently!

15 April 2014. The International Blue Cross successfully held its first big prevention event on Saturday, 12 April, in the Bernese shopping centre “Shoppyland”. Sanna Lüdi – skicross World Cup winner – was present and gave her full support to the worldwide engagement of the International Blue Cross. Provided with a funny looking pair of goggles, Sanna tries to find... read more

Happy Easter!

The International Blue Cross staff wishes you a joyful Easter. May the coming days allow you to slow down and find moments of peace and rest. We look forward to reconnect with you via our blog, Facebook, and Twitter after the Easter break! read more


Anne Babb
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Anne Babb

Community Prevention - Let's do it together!

10 April 2014 - There was a new shopping area built to a small town. Until then, all shops in town closed at 6pm, but within this bigger shopping area shops were open later and the coffee shops even till 11pm. All of a sudden, teachers noticed that children between the ages of 12-16 seemed to be more tired at school than normally. At that moment, there were no special events in town that would have led young people to stay up very late – so, what was the cause of this sudden tiredness? It went on for a while and then the local shop keepers approached the school. They asked the headmaster to request the pupils not to crowd the foyer of the shopping... Read more

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