International Federation of the Blue Cross

The Network Committee (NC) is the executive body of the Federation. Its members are: 

The President:
Geir Gundersen (Secretary General of the Blue Cross Norway)

The Vice-President:
Albert Moukolo (Switzerland)

The person responsible for finances:
Daniel Lüscher (Leader of the Project and Finance Group / Director of a regional Blue-Cross Association in Switzerland)

One person to represent the youth associations:
Ingrid Vogt (board member of EBY, counsellor for addicts, Blue Cross Germany)

Other members:
Emanuel Agyem Frempong (President of the Blue Cross Ghana)
Hermann Haegerbaeumer (Executive Director of the Blue Cross Germany)
Eberhard Russ (Blue Cross Germany, former co-worker at the Blue Cross Brazil)
Timo Mutalahti (Blue Ribbon Finland)

Without vote:
Irene Abderhalden (co-General Secretary IFBC)
Mark Moser (co-General Secretary IFBC)
Djikoloum Magourna (Africa Coordinator IFBC)

Competencies and tasks of the Network Committee:

–          prepare the General Assembly (which is the highest authority of the Federation and meets every four years)

–          carry out decisions of the General Assembly

–          acknowledge the annual accounts for the attention of the General Assembly and prepare the budget

–          accept amendments of statutes from member organizations

–          approve regulations and procedures

–          elect and dismiss the secretary general(s)

–          accept or exclude member organizations

–          initiate activities to enhance and promote the work of the IFBC

The Network Committee meets twice a year.

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