About Us


The International Blue Cross is a worldwide health development organisation dedicated to caring for people harmed by alcohol and/or illicit drugs. It was established in 1886 in Geneva, Switzerland, and is presently made up of more than a thousand health professionals around the world.

Who we are

The International Blue Cross wears two hats – the Federation and that of an international actor.

At the Federation’s level

  • We are a non-governmental umbrella organisation that brings together 41 national Blue Cross societies – called member organisations. These organisations are independent, non-denominational Christian organisations.
  • We are a networking hub and coordinator between organisations inside and outside the Blue Cross..

At the level of the international actor

  • We are a project funding and implementation organisation.
  • We are representatives of the national Blue Cross organisations in international networks.
  • We are the fundraising body of the Federation to ensure sustainability of core activities.


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