The International Blue Cross is the non-governmental umbrella organisation that represents the work of its around 40 national member organisations at the international level. Each of these organisations is independent and dedicated to further the mandate of the Blue Cross movement as articulated in its vision and mission, according to specified standards of professional ethics and core Blue Cross values – namely respect, dignity, solidarity, inclusiveness, and care for others.

All Blue Cross national member organisations are required to adhere to a set of membership criteria agreed by the General Assembly. These criteria cover:

• Organisational establishment and information
• Governance
• Values and ethics
• Standards of management, socio-developmental and professional practice
• Payment of membership fees
• Obligations towards other Blue Cross members at the regional and international levels

Blue Cross national member organisations are expected to exist before applying for membership or to quickly develop into locally accountable and self-sustaining organisations. This means that in addition to having a local membership base they need to implement viable activities that are contributing to addressing issues relating to alcohol- and illicit drug-related harm.

Requests for affiliation are received and examined by the Secretariat and following initial inquiries are submitted to the Network Committee (board) of the International Blue Cross for consideration, acceptance or rejection.

For more information on membership or affiliation processes, please contact our Administrative Coordinator, Ms Sonja Pönisch [email protected] or +41 (0)31 301 98 04

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