Get Involved


At the International Blue Cross we work together with people from all around the world to reach our vision and achieve our mission. There are many ways individuals, groups, associations or even companies can get involved with the important nature of our work.

With more than a thousand health professionals around the world, we have the in-house expertise to ensure that our local projects have the greatest impact on the individual, social and economic burden caused by alcohol and drug-induced harm. That is why the most effective way you can support the International Blue Cross is through donations or by fundraising directly for the organization.

Keeping up to date on the latest information about global and local alcohol policy and raising awareness in your community about the dangers associated with alcohol and drug misuse is another powerful way to support the efforts of the International Blue Cross. We encourage you to follow the links on this page by fundraising for the International Blue Cross or joining us in achieving our mission to ensure prevent and reduce substance abuse among the most vulnerable people around the world.


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