Blue Cross Values



We are committed to high standards of quality in our performance and relations. We serve our clients and partners in effective and efficient ways – in line with our values, and by applying both experiential and scientific knowledge.


We pledge ourselves to a work style which is genuinely participatory, in the spirit of mutual empowering, enabling, and learning. We assist and support everyone by mobilising their resources and realising their potential. We believe that best practices and good results are rooted in a work atmosphere of trust, love, and continual reflection.


As an organisation and movement we, at the Blue Cross, are open to anyone who would like to contribute to the actualization of our goals and values. We treasure the diversity represented in our worldwide movement and desire to build a culture of tolerance and an appreciation for the diversity of opinions, practices, and beliefs that are held together by our shared values. Our services are neither discriminatory, nor judgemental.


We live and work in solidarity with those who suffer from the effects of an addictive life style and represent their genuine interests in society. Based on this value, we advocate for national and global structures and policies.


Inspired by Christian values and a holistic view of the human being, those who serve value the integrity and dignity of those who are served.


Our basis is the ecumenical content of faith, that which the great traditions of Christianity have in common. We focus on the practical aspects of faith, the service of love to those who are in need – growing out of a spiritual practice that helps us stay connected to Gods unconditional love and to be liberated from our own addictive behaviour.


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