Miracle of a Birthday

25 March 2014

Birthdays received a completely new meaning to me when my first son was born. Until then birthday was a nice celebration and a reason to see my friends. Once my children were born, I realised what a miracle it is that we are all born fully equipped for the life ahead of us. We are all a miracle exactly as we are, with our own individual characteristics and differences. We need care when we are little but step by step we become more independent.

Many people who recover from addiction call the day when they have stopped substance abuse their new birthday. They often celebrate this and reflect back to remember what a blessing it is to live a life free from addiction. Life with addiction is not a life where you can be yourself – as your character is changed by the substance, which is influencing your whole life. This is why many people say that their life only started once they stopped using substances.

It is wonderful if we can witness these special moments of birthdays and join in these celebrations. In our busy modern lives, it is easy to rush past these moments. We all need sometimes to be the centre of attention – that is the way to build self confidence in a positive way. You are celebrated because you exist – not because of your achievements or merits but because you have been given the gift of life. Celebration does not need gifts and money. Actually if it becomes a material celebration, we will start measuring ourselves in cost of gifts and this will never satisfy us. Human qualities cannot be quantified. It needs warm thoughts and genuine care to give someone a perfect gift. We also need to let other people enter our life and then we can celebrate together. As we grow older we become more independent and those who have many years from recovery grow stronger in their abstinence. The danger is that we become self sufficient and believe that we do not need to share these moments with others anymore. This leaves us to a lonely place where we are not naturally connected anymore. We need each other on the journey of life, through ups and downs, lets grow older together. Happy Birthday for this year, you are a miracle!!




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