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Your support is essential to sustain the care, education, and treatment work that is provided to hundreds of people across the world through Blue Cross work. We invite you to make a donation. Your donation is a chance for change in someone’s life – opening new paths towards care, support, and well-being. To make a single one-off donation please complete the details below:

Yes, I wish to make a single donation of…
in the following currency:

Other ways to donate

Yes, I wish to make a single donation to the work of the International Blue Cross by doing a bank or postal transfer (Euros or CHF).

For donations in Euros use the following account details:
Valiant Bank Bern, Switzerland
Account No. EURO: 16 9.686.096.00
IBAN No.: CH09 0630 0016 9686 0960 0

For donations in CHF use the following account details:
Postfinance Bern, Switzerland
Account No. CHF: 40-25648-4
IBAN No.: CH97 0900 0000 4002 5648 4

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