At the International Blue Cross, much of our focus is on youth. We want to give children around the world to live a happy, healthy life free from addiction. To kick off the year, we want to give thanks to all our dedicated national blue cross organizations and youth organizations that work tirelessly to give children the space to play, laugh, cry and live. THANK YOU all for your hard work, dedication and passion in the Blue Cross spirit of “Doing it Together!”

“Thank you so much! It is so important what you are doing for the kids, that like me grew up under hard circumstances” – (Mother, Denmark)

“The behaviour after some meetings changes. They begin to smile more, play more, and speak more freely about their difficulties and families.” (Social Worker, Brazil)

“People around me are much happier. My daughter now feels safe with daddy.” (Alcoholic father in recovery, Lesotho)

“Hello, my name is Salma. I am a student in the sixth class from LIMI and former President of CVC club (life skills). I am delighted to be the only girl who is President among the four clubs that exist. As a girl, when I present myself as Club President, others think that I cannot lead a group of girls and boys. But, I can hold my mandate. The Blue Cross has done for us huge things. I realized that with ambition and sufficient self-esteem also a girl can reach important goals. We can get to where we want, you just have to follow your dreams to achieve it.” (Student of a Life Skills programme, Chad)

“I had a miserable life, which was filled with negativity and I suffered from low self-esteem. I drank alcohol and smoke marijuana in order to forget about my trouble. I was part of a gang and got in trouble every weekend. Blue Cross Namibia made me realize that I can live a life without alcohol and drugs. I was touched by Leoba Bono’s motivational speech, who is the field worker at our school. I thank Blue Cross a lot for happy life I live now!” (Student of a Life Skills programme, Namibia)

“When I know there is someone who believes in me, I begin to believe in myself.” (Child participating in a Blue Cross project, Denmark)

“One thing I noticed is that she was very afraid of being alone. She could not be alone in a room in the house. Even to go to the bathroom, someone needed to go along. If not one came along she would wet her pants. But, after she started attending KIDS Support Groups, this changed. Today she goes to the bathroom alone and is in other rooms in the house alone with tranquillity.” (Mother of a child participating in a KIDS Group, Brazil)



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