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We are very happy to report that 80% of the Blue Cross project children have graduated from their respective grades at the end of the 2010 school term not in the least thanks to the support and healthy meals provided by Blue Cross Chad which have helped improve their overall health situation!

Through extracurricular activities we have been able to reach the children’s classmates, parents, relatives, and neighbours. More than five hundred people attended the first theatre performance on the Day of the African Child. Thanks to their comical sketches and songs the drama group succeeded very well in bringing across their message of prevention. For those with an interest in football, Blue Cross staff members organised a number of friendly matches with the children of the SOS-Children’s Villages in N’Djamena. The girls who have taken to playing football remain, for the moment, at a disadvantage. However, they are making dazzling progress and have even succeeded in scoring a few goals! After the matches, the football players socialise over food, music and informal conversation all the while learning about prevention.

However, there are substantial challenges. The children often lack self discipline which puts great demands on the training personnel. So we have initiated a simple strategy to help the children develop a sense of responsibility. The children make verbal agreements with the escorts to maintain the toilets, look after the trees and flowers in the yard, and to be on time for courses. Should a child not fulfil their agreement they are then asked to do some additional tasks.

This project story is related to the project Blue Cross Chad Assists Children at Risk

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