Blue Cross Network Committee has met from 13 until 16 February at the premises of Blue Cross Germany. It was the first time the new Network Committee which has been elected at last year´s General Assembly met and commenced its work.

The exchange between the President Albert Moukolo, the Committee members and the General Secretariat has been constructive and concrete: The Development and the Finance Commission have launched their work and set up their operational methods and defined their next working steps.

The strategic vision of the Blue Crosses Network Model, an enhanced cooperation between the Blue Cross Member Organizations, has been brought forward. A great support for that was having BC Germany involved in the meeting. Exchanging ideas and experiences between local members in Germany, the members of the Network Committee which bring in their respective local experience and the General Secretariat with its Secretary Anne Babb was enriching and helped all participants in better understanding the different aspects and levels of work in the Blue Cross family.

And simply getting to know each other better was delightful for all participents! We thank you all for your good job and we thank the Blue Cross Germany for its hospitality and very good organization of the meeting!

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