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Evidence clearly shows that alcohol policies are highly effective in alcohol misuse prevention. Therefore, Blue Cross Norway, in cooperation with the International Blue Cross and the Norwegian development organisation Forut, has been conducting an effective training programme on alcohol policy formulation since November 2009. This important programme aims at assisting developing countries in formulating, implementing and enforcing evidence and best practice based alcohol policies.

Through this programme, Blue Cross Norway significantly contributes to ensuring that country level policy debate and formulation processes take into account the latest information and evidence base about the social and health effects of alcohol misuse when considering regulatory development. This is particularly important in developing and newly industrialising countries where the development of alcohol policies is still in its early stages.

An Innovative Approach to Alcohol Policy Enforcement

The main objective of the programme is to train NGO leaders, politicians, civil servants and media representatives from developing countries to advocate and lobby effectively for an effective alcohol policy as part of the wider health and development landscape. A resource group of twenty experts is actively involved in the running of the programme. To date the programme has been involved in the following important interventions:

  • 2009: pilot training successfully held in Malawi. 

  • 2010: programme expanded to Botswana, Namibia, and Chad. 

  • 2010: ‘Training of Trainers’ with participants from Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, Chad, Botswana, and Norway

  • 2011: additional trainings in Lesotho and Madagascar.

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