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Blue Cross Denmark is dedicated to social equality and to caring for people harmed by alcohol and drugs. It works to prevent further harm to others, especially among children and youth. The Blue Cross in Denmark provides:

• treatment and prevention
• community centers
• various offers to care for and help children and youth

The Blue Cross Denmark arranges summer camps and excursions for children, and a range of additional offerings, which you can read about in full here. The organization also caters to the homeless and works with a range of new initiatives involving job training and social economy – including expanding its activities to Greenland!

The work of Blue Cross Denmark is funded through donations, collaboration with public authorities, and through 61 second-hand shops. Blue Cross Denmark is largely operated by volunteer resources, which not only add a special dimension of humanity and compassion to its professional offerings, but which is mission-critical to the entire operation. Blue Cross Denmark employs 400 people, and more than 2000 volunteers further work for the cause in a range of functions.

To learn more about Blue Cross in Denmark, visit their website or check out one of their projects on Global Giving!



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