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In the past few months Blue Cross Poland has expanded its care and rehabilitation services for former prisoners and homeless men. This has been because there is an increasing demand for quality services for marginalised men, who are often affected by alcohol-related harm and find it difficult to get any help. The lack of assistance is partly due to insufficient public service provision for addiction-related homelessness. Through its rehabilitation centre, Blue Cross Poland is playing an important part in helping close this support gap.

Blue Cross Poland Rehabilitation Centre – Integrated Quality Care for Marginalised Men

The Blue Cross Poland Rehabilitation Centre was established in 2005 and is supported by the Ministries of Justice and of Labour and Social Policy. The Centre focuses on providing holistic care and treatment to clients. The support provided encompasses physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of care. The rehabilitation programme provides the following activities:

  • Individual counselling sessions for those who suffer from alcohol dependence.

  • The possibility to be part of self-help groups where clients can share their difficulties, challenges, and joys and look for ways forward together with other members.

  • Occupational therapy including activities covering a wide range of skills (both work related and life skills) 

  • Vocational therapy to enable clients to resume employment.

  • Leisure activities to help clients better use their free time without drinking or involving themselves in criminal activities.

  • Spiritual support – if the client so desires.

In 2010, the Centre more than doubled its intake. 42 men benefitted from the Centre’s services of whom many recovered, 9 soon returned to employment and 12 were able to find safe shelters or homes outside the Centre!

Donations Welcome!

The Centre does not have guaranteed ongoing funding due to a lack of public funding for rehabilitation purposes. We encourage you to support its work by donating to this important and much needed project!

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