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Blue Cross Poland Provides Innovative Services to Victims of Violence

Blue Cross Poland’s outpatient Help Centre for victims of violence is a response to a general lack of public aid for families experiencing domestic violence in the Voivodship (province) of Silesia. The Help Centre provides a holistic support system that addresses the problem of family… read more

Blue Cross Poland Offers Care and Therapy to Former Prisoners and Homeless Men

In the past few months Blue Cross Poland has expanded its care and rehabilitation services for former prisoners and homeless men. This has been because there is an increasing demand for quality services for marginalised men, who are often affected by alcohol-related harm and find it difficult to… read more

Blue Cross Poland Offers Support to People who Grew Up with an Alcoholic Parent

The Polish Blue Cross was among the first in Poland to recognise the importance of treating the ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)’ syndrome which affects people who grew up in families with a dependent parent. In the words of Benedykt Biegun, social worker and programme coordinator at… read more

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