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Blue Cross Brazil Strengthens its Network of Self-help Groups

Blue Cross Brazil has developed a network of aftercare service providers in the field of alcohol and illicit drug dependence care across Southern Brazil. The aim of the network is to significantly reduce relapse rates among clients who have successfully completed their first therapy cycle. This… read more

Blue Cross Brazil – KIDS Support Groups

According to the Brazilian National Drug Report 2009 an estimated 12.3% of the adult urban population in Brazil suffers from dependence on alcohol, making alcohol misuse a significant public health issue. Blue Cross Brazil is providing treatment and aftercare services mainly in the three Southern… read more

Blue Cross Chile – Self Help for Relapse Prevention

Country ContextLatin America’s level of consumption of 8.4 liters of pure alcohol annually per capita (total population 15+) makes it the second highest region in the world for alcohol consumption, behind only Europe at 10.9 liters. In 2014 Chile has – for the first time –… read more

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