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Alcohol and Aging – A Growing Concern

Alcohol and Aging – A Growing ConcernThere is a growing aging population in Finland. By 2060 every 4th person will be 65+. Research shows that 62% of the Finnish aging population uses alcohol and 8% of these abuse it. Exceessive alcohol use in the elderly leads to loneliness, accidents, mixing… read more

Blue Cross Denmark

Blue Cross Denmark is dedicated to social equality and to caring for people harmed by alcohol and drugs. It works to prevent further harm to others, especially among children and youth. The Blue Cross in Denmark provides:• treatment and prevention • community centers… read more

Blue Cross Romania – Treatment in The Potter’s House

Blue Cross Romania Scales up its ActivitiesBlue Cross Romania is one of only three non-governmental organisations in the country that offers inpatient treatment, counselling, and care for people dependent on alcohol and/or illicit drugs. In a country of 22 million people where demand for… read more

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