Dear Reader,

“It is the small daily brush strokes that create the painting, no matter how large the canvas.” – says John McQuiston in his booklet “Always We Begin Again”.

This is precisely what this Newsletter is about – canvases of change and the masterpieces of recovery, achieved as a result of small and consistent brush strokes carried out by those affected by addiction-related harm during their rehabilitation process. It is our privilege, at the Blue Cross, to accompany them, each day, as they make their way forward on the path to greater well-being. At the same time, we are deeply thankful to all of you who show interest in our work. We are acutely aware that without your support the important work of the Blue Cross would not be possible.

On behalf of the International Federation of the Blue Cross, I wish you a happy and peaceful Advent season.

Mark Moser, Secretary General

In addition…

Jürgen REHM et al. published in the Journal Addiction (105, 817–843, 2010) an interesting article that establishes the relation between different dimensions of alcohol consumption and the burden of disease. More specifically, it addresses the direction, form, and strength of the relationship of different dimensions of alcohol consumption to a whole range of chronic and infectious diseases and injuries which is one of the themes we mentioned in  the December 2011 issue of our Newsletter.

To read the article, click here.

Other scientific articles that establish the link between the harmful use of alcohol and chronic and infectious diseases

The association between alcohol use, alcohol use disorders and
tuberculosis (TB): A systematic review

Jürgen Rehm et al.

 BMC Public Health 2009, 9:450

Alcohol and HIV Disease Progression: Weighing the Evidence

Judith A. Hahn & Jeffrey H. Samet

Published online: 3 September 2010

Alcohol, social development, and infectious disease

J. Rehm et al., 2009

Report commissioned from the authors by the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and co‐financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services

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