International Federation of the Blue Cross


The general objectives of the African Leadership Teams are:

to enhance the work on a professional level (evidence based intervention through strategic projects and efficient fundraising) of selected African Member Organisations
to assist the General Secretariat so it can serve the Member Organisations (MOs) more efficiently. The aim is to increase the capacity of the MOs by bringing networking and leadership in the IFBC movement closer to the respective MOs.

In detail this means we will be able to:

  • contextualise leadership and management
  • multiply the understanding for the new business model of the IFBC
  • stimulate strategic planning in MOs
  • decentralise the work of the GS (on the long run)
  • increase the capacity of alcohol and drug related issues within the MO’s

The members of the African Leadership Team are:

The leader:
Djikoloum Magourna (Chad, Africa-Coordinator of the IFBC)
Mark Moser and Irene Abderhalden (Bern, Co-General Secretaries of the IFBC)

The members:
Eugène Novon (Togo, Executive Director of “Aides Médicales & Charité” (AMC))
Lehloenya Mahao (Lesotho, Director of the Blue Cross Resource Centre (BCRC))
Albert Moukolo (Switzerland/Congo-Brazzaville, Vice-President of the IFBC)
Isaya Adamson (Blue Cross Tanzania)

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