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26% of national Blue Cross organisations are involved in ‘individual-oriented prevention’. The focus is on prevention in schools and the promotion of extra-curricular activities and life skills as effective tools to further children’s ability to make informed decisions when confronted with difficult choices related to drugs and alcohol.

Treatment & Counselling

26% of national Blue Cross organisations provide treatment and counselling services to people with addictions. The focus is on therapeutic communities that aim to offer these people a palce to stay for a couple of months after detoxification. The purpose of the stay is to provide them with tools that allow them to shape their lives with purpose and reflection – without alcohol or drugs.


19% of national Blue Cross organisations are involved in aftercare. The focus is on self-help groups – an excellent and cost-efficient tool for relapse prevention. The Blue Cross network world wide comprises more than 400 self-help groups!

Alcohol Policy/Advocacy

15% of national Blue Cross organisations advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies, which fall within the area of ‘structural prevention’. The current geographic focus is on developing countries in Africa where, in many cases, evidence-based alcohol policies either do not exist or are not properly implemented.


14% of national Blue Cross organisations are involved in activities that do not fall within the four main categories. Examples of these are ‘Day Care Centres’ where people with addictions, whether they are sober or not, can drop in to spend a meaningful day. 

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