About Us


Our Secretariat enables and develops a wide array of Blue Cross projects and activities. It is accountable to the Network Committee, the governing body (board) of the International Blue Cross.

What we do

  • We manage and fundraise for projects at the international level.
  • We maintain strategic partnerships with global actors in the field of alcohol policy and addiction care.
  • We help member organisations build skills through multinational sharing and learning programmes.
  • We work with our member organisations to ensure good governance at the national level.
  • We promote the work of our member organisations via our web-based media.

Its current staff are:

Contact us at the Secretariat

International Blue Cross
Lindenrain 5a
3012 Berne, Switzerland
Phone +41 31 301 98 04
Fax +41 31 301 98 05
E-Mail [email protected]


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