Why support the Blue Cross?
The harmful use of alcohol and other drugs is a significant and growing problem across the world. Alcohol alone accounts for more than 1 in 25 of global deaths a year, and alcohol and drugs create health burdens affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Individual, family, and social afflictions aside, alcohol and drug misuse cost society simply billions in health and socio-economic costs. This growing burden that is affecting us in many and varied ways is worthy of the attention of everyone.

The Blue Cross provides an internationally renowned and respected organisation that has the roots, values, intimacy, professionalism, governance and the local community connections needed to help address this worldwide challenge and the complex and widespread needs.

The Blue Cross was founded in Switzerland in 1877, and has its roots and basis in charity. It is a non-governmental organisation built on voluntary membership and funded by donations in order to carry out its activities.

The Blue Cross has a significant and challenging mandate to mobilise resources for – and build awareness of – prevention, treatment and aftercare of dependence related harm. This mandate requires committed action and support.

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