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Since Blue Cross Poland initiated its rehabilitation project for former prisoners and homeless men in 2009, 44 beneficiaries have found shelter in the Centre and the average duration of stay was between five and twelve months. During 2011, 14 beneficiaries found work, and eight other beneficiaries were able to move into a flat of their own. All beneficiaries benefit from regular individual counselling and participate in occupational therapy which consists of: 


  • recycling of electronic equipment
  • cooking (running the Centre’s kitchen)
  • construction and renovation work
  • cleaning (including outside the Centre), and
  • maintenance activities

The ability to spend free time effectively is an essential value in the process of social rehabilitation. Often the lack of constructive ideas on how to spend leisure time meaningfully leads to falling back into old habits. So, the Centre recently introduced a programme focusing on leisure time, with outings and special activities being an integral part of the programme. For the social workers of the Rehabilitation Centre, innovation, motivation, and an ability to think out-of-the-box are at the core of how they perceive their work and part of the life values they wish to transmit to their clients. The cooperation with the National Theatre of Bielsko-Biala is a good example of this innovative approach as part of which clients helped prepare the stage scenery for performances while, in return, received free theatre tickets!

This project story is related to the project Blue Cross Poland Offers Care and Therapy to Former Prisoners and Homeless Men

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