8 August 2012

Blue Cross representatives from around the world to gather in Romania, to agree on strategy from 2013 and participate in a high-level multinational seminar on leadership

The International Federation of the Blue Cross will hold its General Assembly Programme 2012 from 8 to 12 October 2012 in Sibiu, Romania.

During the Assembly, Blue Cross representatives will agree on a new and pathbreaking strategy from 2013. This strategy is the result of a thorough self-assessment as well as a series of regional consultations within the Blue Cross movement that took place during the past months.

The strategy planning process included reflecting in depth on the core values and principles the Blue Cross wishes to project in its daily practice and working intensely to redefine the Blue Cross’s identity in a fast changing world.

By doing so, the International Federation of the Blue Cross aims to meet the growing expectations other international actors – namely governments, health development agencies like the WHO, and NGOs – have of the International Blue Cross as one of few international organisations engaged in prevention and treatment of addiction.

Prior to the Assembly, a two-day high level seminar on leadership will take place. The seminar will provide a unique opportunity for Blue Cross leadership from across the movement to engage in a reflection about the different aspects of the Federation’s current reality and in a dialogue about best leadership practices in relation to the Federation’s future.


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