Our partners are a fundamental part of the work the International Blue Cross carries out on behalf of families, individuals and communities around the world. Their support to the Secretariat and Blue Cross network of 37 member organisations are instrumental in ensuring that we draw attention to the issues faced by dependent people and their families and implement life-changing projects in prevention, treatment, counselling and aftercare.

Through strategic partnerships and donations we achieve our mission and ensure all interventions of the Blue Cross are carried out considering our core values. With support from the below partners and donors, we work together with individuals and communities to overcome dependence in the true spirit of “Doing it Together!”

Strategic Partnerships & International Networks

The International Blue Cross works to promote its values and mission in partnership with other organisations, building on our history of increased effectiveness through collective initiatives. These partnerships range from informal to more formally defined relationships around areas of mutual interest. Activities include information sharing, coordination of activities, advancement of mutual learning and joint advocacy.

EMNA – European Mutual Help Network for Alcohol-Related Problems is a voluntary not for profit organisation which promotes self help methods for alcohol related problems across Europe.

EUROCARE – European Alcohol Policy Alliance is a network of some 50 voluntary and nongovernmental organisations working on the prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm across 20 countries in Europe.

Global Youth Networks – An initiative by Youth for International Development to reach out to youth groups, youth serving organizations, Community Based Organisations as part of strengthening youth participation in national, regional and international development.


Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Bread for All
Third World Solidarity (SDW)

Carl und Elise Elsener-Gut Stiftung – Victorinox, Switzerland
SAB Stichting Foundation, Netherlands
Widmer Foundation, Switzerland

Churches and Blue Cross Associations in Switzerland
Blaukreuzverein Ostermundigen
Blaukreuzverein Zürich Neumünster
Blaues Kreuz Nesslau-Krummenau
Blaukreuzverein Seon-Dürrenäsch
Blaukreuzmusik Winterthur
Blaues Kreuz Bern
Blaukreuzverein Wattwil und Umgebung
Blaukreuzverein Steffisburg

Kirchgemeinde Rickenbach
Evang. Ref. Kirchgemeinde Köniz Sekretariat (yes)
Swiss Blue Cross Societies 4 + 5 Zürich

Corporate Partners
Polyglott Tours & Travels AG
Reusch International (Western Union)

It would be impossible to list all of our individual supporters on our website. We extend a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your support!


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